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Plantino Greenhouse Automation System

Why Tupa?

Its our honor in Tupa to pay special attention on technologic advancements and implementing them in our design and production process. If you don’t keep up with technology, you will surely fail.

Our products are accurate in parameters measurement, system functionality, emergency state detection and creating safe conditions for your business.

Tupa products are designed and manufactured according to the world’s top standards. We know that maintaining quality, although difficult and expensive, is one of the main factors of brand longevity.

Dry the largest volume of products in the shortest time and with the highest quality by using the new class of fruit, dried fruit and medicinal herb dehydrators.

Experience the control of temperature, humidity, light intensity and light spectrum on touch screens with English language and the highest accuracy in the class of laboratory germinators.

Growli growth panels can be ordered in a variety of sizes with the ability to adjust the spectrum and intensity of light as scheduled by the Farmino Android application.

Designed in accordance with European standards with the ability to adjust according to the climatic conditions of the region and the ability to be controlled by an English menus with touch screen and Farmino application.

Do not be surprised by sudden changes in weather!

Get weather forecast and weather alerts faster 🙂

Control DryZero dehydrators from anywhere in the world!

Farmino has made life and business management easier.