Home and Industerial Automated Dryers

Ability to be controlled by Android App

Fuel baed Dyer

Optimal energy consumption

Electrical Dryer

Fast in Drying

Hybrid Dryer

Very high humidity discharge capacity

Ability to raise the temperature in a very short time

High speed in drying products

High Safety

Designed based on ASABE Standars

Dynamic and highly optimized power consumption

Simultaneous use of gas and electricity to supply energy

Turbo mode to increase crop drying speed



In Three Fuels Based, Electrical and Hybrid Models and two Chamber and Cabinet Structure, Designed based on ASABE Standards


Smart Dryers With Exclusive Features

  • Drying without the usage of direct heat of flame to increase final product’s quality
  • Prevent the entry of methane, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide using convection heat transfer.
  • Reduce drying time with Exclusive Dry Zero technology without causing burns to the finished product
  • Fully graphical user interface with a resolution up to 1024 x 600 pixels with 256 million colors and 7 to 10 inches
  • Has the ability to be controlled by touch, industrial keyboard or a combination of both
  • Contains 0.6 °C resolution chamber temperature sensors for precise drying chamber temperature monitoring
  • Has SMS-based control over predefined numbers
  • Android application for graphical remote control
  • Adjustment System for Fluid Temperature, Dryer Chamber Temperature, Product Moisture and Drying Time for Comprehensive Device Control


Irrigation Automation System Based on Artificial Intelligence

  • Using FAO approved evapotranspiration methods: Penman Monteith Fao, SOIL

  • Using advanced decision support algorithms in automatic irrigation mode
  • Using artificial intelligence and data mining provided by server’s database,  to estimate the water demand of the coming days
  • Android application for graphical control with smartphone
  • Measuring of the amount of available water and using it in smart decision algorithm
  • Irrigation considering weather forecast to optimize maximum water use

  • Adjustable irrigation start time based on an standard recommended by the University of Florida
  • Providing water consumption with graphs in Android App




Plant growth light automated panels

  • Provides a variety of light spectrums in plant ‘s for vegetative and reproductive needs ranges based on user’s choice
  • Light intensity control by the Farmino mobile app
  • Ability to control the light spectrum between the three vegetative, reproductive and hybrid modes through the Farmino mobile app
  • Panel  automatic temperature control to extend the life of the LEDs
  • High quality LEDs with a minimum life of 20,000 hours
  • Includes a nano LED coating with the lowest UV absorption
  • Featuring separate UV light control via the Farmino mobile app
  • With a six-month product replacement warranty
  • After sales service in supplying parts for 5 years
  • Ability to display the ambient light intensity of the installation location in the Farmino mobile app
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MSc of Mechanical Engineering

Senior programmer, Electronic Specialist

MSc of Mechanical Engineering

Production Manager

MSc of Graphic Design

Graphic Designer

Petrochemical Engineering

Thermal Systems Specialist

Phd of Irrigation and Drainage


Software Engineer

Android Developer, Server/Broker Software Specialist

Tosee Pouyan e Arvand Company has officially started its activities in 2015. The company is known for its products in the fields of agricultural and industrial automation in Iran and Middle East, utilizing young specialists and experienced experts.

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